My Favorite Fitness Tools

During my fitness journey I have come across a lot of gadgets, apps and tools. Not all lived up to expectations, but a small few have made it to the A list, and are staples in my daily life now!

Here are a few of my favorite things, let’s just say these are my brown paper packages, and warm woollen mittens. 😉

Fitbit Charge HR


This is by far my favorite, of favorites! It was a decent price, and I am able to track all of my activity with it. I love the app that comes with it as well! I even use it to track my rides, so I know when and how long I rode for.

BOD (Beachbody on Demand)


This online streaming service is amazing! I absolutely love having all my workouts in one place, and not having to mess around with skipping DVDs. Don’t have a good internet connection, or are travelling? No problem! The BOD app allows you to download a weeks worth of workouts to your device, and play them offline!

Plantronics Workout Headphones


These awesome headphones are waterproof, have great sounds quality, 8 hour battery life, and allow you to hear some of your surroundings. I used them to listen to different music before, but now I use them to listen to my workout’s music and cues at a higher level, since I workout in the morning I generally have to listen to the workout very quietly, this way I can have it up at normal volume without waking everyone up! What I really love about these headphone is they don’t bounce around, I forget I am wearing them after awhile!

Nike  Air Zoom Pegasus


There is nothing like an awesome pair of cross-trainers to make your workouts go by quickly! These are hands-down the best pair of shoes I have ever owned!


Fitness, There’s an App for That!

  • screen322x572-221 Day Fix Tracker: Even f you are not doing the 21 Day Fix, this tracker can help you keep your portions in check, and track how much you have eaten in a day.
  • screen322x572Waterlogged: Great app for tracking your water consumption! You can even setup reminders to tell you when to drink to meet your goal for the day.
  • simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h51915f598e88dc759041667ffb3a231d.packFitbit: The fitbit app can be used on it’s own even if you don’t have a fitbit, it can track a multitude of activities, including sleep and exercise.
  • screen322x572-3BOD: The Beachbody on demand app is so awesome, being able to download your workouts for the week takes away the hassle of using DVDs, or having a bad internet connection, and allows you to continue with your programs while travelling!


Finding the right tools for my needs and goals has been a huge help in achieving my goals, and sticking to my plans! Hope this helps you with yours!

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