My Product Overhaul

As anyone who has ever seriously Googled something knows, one internet search can lead to a myriad of subjects not really related to the original.

Thats more-or-less what happened to me a few months ago when I followed a link about the best deodorants that I saw on Facebook. It was fortuitous that I should see it because I had been so annoyed with commercial deodorants (the ones that work leave marks, the ones that don’t leave marks don’t work etc).

But this article was actually about natural deodorants, and initially I thought bah! They wont work anyway!

The article went on to talk about all the crud that is in commercial products and the more I read the more freaked out I became about their side effect. (Think aluminum and breast cancer! Eek!)

I thought no way all this is true, it must just be some hippy-dippy propaganda. So I started Googling – You know you’ve mad it big when the name of your product has become a present participle! Good job Larry and Sergey! 👏 But I digress! – Needless to say I was not happy with my findings in relation to the products in my possession.

So I decided to change things, – and for anyone who knows me I don’t do anything half way! – which lead to even more Googling to find natural products that actually work. And guys, they do exists! Honestly I thought I was on the hunt for Big Foot at first but after reading many a review, blog post and article (and some trial and error) I found natural replacements for ever product I own. From soap to mascara and everything in between!!

And you want to know something? Aside from the initial cost of replacing everything all at once, everything is either the same price, or CHEAPER! (And yes I had to scream that!)

So at that point 2 out of the 3 big stigmas I had been believing for years had been blown out of the water. 1) Eating healthy is expensive. And 2) Natural products don’t work and will break the bank. Neither could be farther from the truth!

More on the 3rd stigma in a future post! 😉

I went from this…

To this…

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