DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds

I searched a lot of Pinterest posts and blog posts to try and find a super simple tutorial on making homemade cotton facial pads, for makeup removing etc. But all of them required a whole tone of sewing know-how that I just don’t have.

So in my rebel nature, I decided to blaze a trail where there was none, for all of us less patient, get-the-job-done crafters who just want a damn cotton pad that is not killing the planet!

I am totally joking about that last part, but the rest is true! I just wanted something straight forward, simple and easy to replace store bought cotton pads.

This will likely be the easiest DIY you have ever done!

Step 1: Buy cotton

Step 2: Us mason jar lid – or any other circular object that is the size you want – and trace a circle

Step 3: Cut circle


Yes, that’s it! Use these little wonders for anything you want, toss them in a garment bag and wash on gentle in cool water. They will likely ball up a little in the dryer if you choose to dry them, I do and just flatten them out after but if you wanna get fancy you could lay them flat to dry.

If they have a lot of product on them, rinse and/or soak before washing if needed. Also watch out putting them in a regular load of laundry if they have something that could stain such as lip stick!

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