Getting back in the saddle. Not always as easy as it sounds.

A couple days ago I wrote about the « Good kind of fight » you can get from a horse.

When Maggie did her little fit, I laughed it off. But it did shake me a little.

I’ve been out of the saddle, and basically on total « horse hiatus » for quite awhile, and I’m feeling it.

Horses are intimidating creatures, they are strong and can be impulsive. So when they freak out, it’s impressive looking. Maggie has a knack for the dramatic, a bit like me I suppose. So I have to admit I was a little nervous, not so much in the moment, but the next day I could feel a little twinge of doubt setting in.

I regained my confidence after working her the day after, she was calmer, and so was I. So all-in-all the doubt was short lived, but it just goes to show, how being out of the game for awhile can make a big difference.

I forgot how I am training myself, just as much as I am training Maggie. We both have lots to practice and learn, and in that process there are always set backs.

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