Staying Motivated – You’re Not Alone

Staying motivated has to be the hardest part of reaching any goal. Whether it’s getting up at a certain time every day, or making your dream job a reality, a lack of motivation can hinder your progress instantly.

It seems totally unattainable, but at the same time so simple, which is probably why it’s so frustrating when you lose it. Everyone is different when it comes to staying motivated, but I thought I’d share the tidbit of wisdom that came from an epiphany I had this morning.

What has kept me motivated? I’ve been asking myself this a lot in the last couple of months. What have a done to jump start my motivation, and what has kept it going for long periods of time?

The short answer is seeking inspiration. Notice how I didn’t say being inspired? That’s because I realized this morning, that you can’t just wait around to be inspired, you need to go look for it. Find it where ever and in whatever you can. Watch the beauty in a sunset; read an inspirational quote; or in my case this morning read a blog from your idol, about the exact fears that have been responsible for your waning motivation. 

I’ve been worried about balance, and making it all fit into the life I’m trying to build with my fiancé. Will I be able to make a career with horses? and if I do will I be able to maintain it through raising a family? Will I cause delays? Will I hold us back?

So many questions, but I always know the answer is that if I don’t try and just give up, I will become very bitter towards life in general. I would hate myself for not trying, and hate my life for getting in the way, and that would make everyone suffer, not just myself. And in the end I want my kids to look at their mother and know they can do anything they want in life as long as they stay committed, and believe in themselves.

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