The Infuriating Facts That Fuel Frustration

I have said it many times, to my students and clients, frustration has no place in a training pen. It leaves the learning process dilapidated beyond repair. It impedes us from moving forward in life, and it does the same to anything and everyone around us (including our horses)

We don’t commonly notice it in ourselves (although I assure you it’s there) but in watching other people become increasingly more frustrated we can see one very clear reoccurring theme… Idiocy.

Plain and simple, frustration makes us stupid. No matter who you are, there is an unwritten rule that you cannot be logical and concise while under the influence of frustration.

Frustration is literally an antonym to patients, so how can we expect to teach or even learn with that mindset? We can’t.

Since figuring this fact out, I have made a point of removing myself from the situation if I feel I am to frustrated to teach or to be taught. But sometimes that idiocy sets in too soon, and I get stuck. Why? Because frustration also comes hand in hand with persistence, which is not really a good thing.

Many of us tend to get more hard headed, and steadfast when we become frustrated, setting our gaze blindly on the task at hand, regardless of if it’s the right thing.

So, what starts off as mild frustration can quickly turn into a teacher or student who is belligerent, stubborn and obtuse. Doesn’t sound like a good mix.

Sometimes it is better to take a step back, breath and collect ourselves before continuing whatever frustrated us. In doing this we can become well-versed in our ability to recognize our emotions, and eventually be able to control them as they happen, rather than acknowledging them in hindsight – Which is of course 20/20…


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