The Christmas Conundrum – Awkward Elephants & George Clooney

IMG_0045Whatever your traditions, most of us have something we celebrate this time of year, and if that celebration involves a family gathering then you know that the oh-so-joyful time of year is not always as festive as we’d like.

When you think of Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) the first thoughts in your head will likely be the staples of said holiday. Whether that be decorations, presents, joyful music it’s pretty much the same across the board. But once your in your Sunday best and seated between your cousin Joe and uncle Bob, talking about the weather and praying for the entrées to be ready, you’ll probably start to think about how awkward this season really can be.

Although yes it’s great to see family you haven’t in a long time, it’s also incredibly difficult to make small talk with someone you haven’t seen since the last holiday gathering approximately 364 days before. If it’s your family it’s not all bad, you’ve been there before you know what will happen and that you just have to endure a couple more hours of people asking you when you plan to find a boyfriend/girlfriend or get married, or get a better job or have kids etc, etc, etc. and then it will be over, you can say the good-bye’s and ‘I love you’s and feel good about it all. Add your spouses family into the mix and well then it gets a little more tricky.

You haven’t been through this a thousand times before, you haven’t the slightest idea how to behave or what to talk about. It will be pleasant of course, but there is that giant awkward elephant twiddling his thumbs in the corner that everyone sees, but no one talks about. All of a sudden the harmless pokes at your life/marital status etc. don’t seem so mild anymore, because they are coming from people you don’t really know, and somehow that makes it less bearable then when it comes from crazy uncle Bob.

Of course it get’s better through the years, you get to know people more, and the giant awkward elephant makes his way to the door. But the truth is family is awkward, life can be weird, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and pleasant.

So we will have to buckle down, bare through the initial weirdness that is our extended family, and except the fact, that well dear, we are related, so if we think their weird, we’ll have to take a good look in the mirror hun, cause we ain’t no George Clooney ourselves. 😀

Happy Holidays everyone!

Time Make Love Grow Stronger

Have a holly, jolly awkward good time!!!

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