True Love Has Many Forms – Why Horses?

Even if the question is not posed quite so frankly (although it has on many occasions) you can still see it in most « non-equestrians’ eye when you get really excited about being able to nail your leads, or get a really nice frame at the trot, or finally figuring out why he shied from the barrel in the corner of the arena, (I could go on…)

For myself at least there has never been a decent answer to the question ‘why horses?’ that could satisfy both myself and the inquisitive non-horse folk as well. This morning however I came across a quote from Pam Brown that I believe pretty much sums it up, even if you thought you had the answer, I think this quote may sway you.

– Pam Brown

Although it helps of course it could never truly explain what I, and other equestrians feel about horses. It’s a love like any other, and it’s just as hard to explain. It’s nearly impossible to explain why you love someone, you can come up with a million explanations as to how much, but never why. You might be able to come up with some adjectives you think match with the feeling but it could never cover the depth of true love.

Horses are not a pass time, it’s not a hobby and more times then not it’s nothing life a phase. It’s like falling in love, and once you’ve committed to having horses in your life, then it becomes a long term relationship. Whether that relationship lasts and is healthy is totally up to you.

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