Balance – The struggle continues since our toddler years…

Your memory may not stretch back to when you where pulling yourself up into a standing position on furniture – because scooting around on your butt just didn’t cut it anymore – but if you have ever ridden a horse or held tree pose – for some of you the analogy may be more like walking and chewing gun 😋 – then you know how hard obtaining and maintaining balance can be.

Unfortunately creating balance in life and being able to maintain it is not easy, and seems to be a lot harder then back when we had our diaper to cushion the fall. We wobble, stumble and sometimes fall, and it can take a lot of pushing and motivation to get back up since as adults we can’t just grab the nearest couch.

Generally we know the solutions, but implementing them is another story. Knowing what to do, and having trouble doing it can be incredibly frustrating and totally demotivating, but it only seems that way from the outside. Deep down we know we will feel better if we have balance, and implement whatever it is we need to, to get it. We create mental blocks, sometimes subconsciously that stop us from standing back up.

The best chance we have of standing, and walking – and chewing gum if that is your goals – is to not be afraid of stumbling, or failing on our butts, or looking the fool. We need to embrace our inner baby and say enough is enough to scooting our rumps around, and pull ourselves up. Next time you don’t feel like getting up, I dare you to try and think of one baby you have seen or heard of, who fell and did not get back up and tried to balance their wobbly legs again, and again until they succeeded.

I tend to say this a lot in my blogs, but kids and animals can teach us way more than we can teach them. We just need to find the humility to let them!

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