The 4 Signs of Spring You May Have Missed

Yes it’s only January, but there is hope my bundled, ice scraping, snow shovelling friend! Ever since the equinox the days have been getting longer, and winter is losing it’s grip!

It may not feel like it, since it’s freaking -30 right now, but Spring is on it’s way, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at these 4 signs that always bring me a little joy in these gloomy months…

#1 – The horses are sun bathing. If you don’t have horses this one might be less obvious, but if you do you might know what I am talking about. When the earth starts tilting and sun gets closer (so it feels stronger) you will see horses laying down and sun bathing despite it being very cold. You only have to stand out in the sun for a bit to understand why, it’s like taking a hot bath on a cool night!

#2 – Days getting longer. Kinda duh, but it starts slowly, right now we are gaining about 3 minutes of day light every day, and it has already started adding up, earlier I looked outside and it was still light out at 5pm!

#3 – Birds signing different song in the morning. This one is something I have been noticing in the early months of the new year for a long time. The birds – specifically the Chickadees – start singing a different song, it’s soft and cheerful and fills my heart with joy every time I hear it!

#4 – Richter’s catalogue came in. This one is the dorkiest, but when the seed starting catalogues come in, you know Spring is on it’s way!


Hope you enjoyed this, and hopefully if you are in a region being effected by the polar vortex right now it will bring you a little hope for spring!

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