Playing with Magic – Week 1 of Maggie’s Training


Sometimes life gets in the way of living. Sometimes it’s a choice and sometimes it can’t be helped. Whatever the reason Maggie (aka Magic Finale) and I have been on hiatus for the last year and change. This year I made no New Year’s resolutions. Like the majority of the population, I don’t stick to them for long. But I did decide to make some small – but significant – changes in my life. So far I’m doing pretty good.

The main goals for this year are to train my filly Maggie to the point I can take my Trainer’s exam, in which you need to do a pattern with a horse you trained yourself. Right now I am starting back from basics because my training with Maggie had been so sporadic thus far. The progress this week is great, but it is still a daunting task. I need to go from a hardly green broke horse, to a « finished » pre-competition grade horse! Why did I decide to do this again?… No really I’m asking… Am I nuts!

Ok so maybe not nuts, but ambitious? or are those synonyms in this case? Either way, I’ve never given myself a time frame like this one for training before. And it will be the first time I train a horse start to finish since Mac.

The other changes in my life are all to compliment this one. I am exercising, eating properly and making sure I have a few minutes everyday for myself, just to relax and breath for a moment. I am hoping if I can keep a good balance, then the training will come easier. I will be in a decent mind space, and have the energy to keep up as well. So far I feel energized and optimistic, but still anxious about what the next 12 months will bring!…

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