The Palomino Project


Mac in 2007 (2 y/o)

I am the first to admit I am still learning the art of horse training. Frankly speaking, Isn’t everyone?

If at some point in anyone’s life they decide they’ve learned all there is to learn, where do they go from there?

To me a good explanation of the meaning of life (not that it wont change as I do) would be the pursuit of knowledge.

To me that doesn’t really mean to read every book out there until you have read them all. The word knowledge can be interpreted in many different ways. Skill based knowledge; Knowing ones self; Knowing others. The list goes on.

Training horses has taught me more about life, then vice versa. They’ve taught me patience, pride, compassion and perseverance. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think I know it all. Quite to the contrary, but I love the fact that there will always be something to learn. Some new goal to accomplish.

Training my gelding Mac was a huge learning curve for me. I had trained many horses, out of many kinds of issues, but never one horse from start to finish. If you’ve ever trained a horse, sometimes them NOT knowing you can be an advantage at first.

You’re new and that’s intimidating, but when they get to know you that’s a different story, they test and find out your weaknesses, and if you’re not careful they’ll turn the tables on you.

Mac in 2011 (6 y/o)

ImageEven know I barely knew what I was doing at first, this is what I got as a result. He’s not perfect, and a little rough around the edges, (like me) but because I had patience for him and myself, we did it!

I started with a lot of theoretical knowledge, but not many miles under my belt. Now I have a nice equal amount of both, and a wonderful horse I can ride bareback and bridle-less! Even know he and I will always have something new to learn!

Now comes the next chapter, a new year, a new filly, a new goal! Let’s do this thing!


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