Making Things Happen

Have you ever felt like enough is enough? You’ve been treading water for too long, and you want to see some movement towards your goals? Have you ever done anything about it?

If you have you know how I felt last week.

We have been trying to save money, and when I break it down and do the math, we should be able to save at least half of our income. And yet it seemed like savings just trickled away. So I decided enough is enough, and I came up with a plan. I have analyzed all the expenses down to the penny (even know they don’t exist anymore 😉 ) and I have come up with a plan. I am realizing more and more that without a proper plan, things don’t work out like I’ve hoped. So now I have a plan, I have even taken to « pre-pricing » groceries and finding sales so as to not accidentally go over budget. This by no means because we can’t afford things, it’s because we have goals that we want to accomplish, such as having a farm of our own, and the only way we will get anywhere near there, is by saving every penny! Literally!

For the horses and am developing an feeding plan that consists of feeding by weight instead of volume and getting my hay analyzed so I know exactly what’s in it, and how to supplement what’s not. Then I will be making slow feeders so as to reduce waste and improve the horses overall health as well.

It sounds like a lot of work, but really once these methods are set up, my life will be a lot more simple, because everything is planned out. For myself having things planned like this actually has reduced my stress levels enormously.

I have always been a list makes and planner, but I am honing my skills now and bringing them to an extreme I didn’t quite know I could reach.

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