Making Your Own Catch Halter

Catch halter are easy slip on halters that can be used for:

  • Moving horses from paddock to pasture
  • Turn-in and out from stalls and pens
  • Safety measure for blanketing
  • Applying fly spray
  • To keep by the door in case horses get loose.
  • For emergencies to ensure stalled horses get out of danger (fires etc.)

It wasn’t that long ago when I saw a catch halter for the first time. I thought it was the coolest thing, and I wanted one! They are pricey though, and I had other things on my shopping list that took priority. Then I saw that someone had made emergency « fire halters » out of regular halters for her barn. Then it dawned on me, it would be very simple to make one!

If you are anything like me, you’ll probably have at least one extra halter laying around. Whether they’re damaged, or just a little grimy they will do the trick for this easy how-to!

  •  Start with a standard halter, that fits (or is a little tight) on the horses you intend to use it on.IMG_1513


  • Next remove the throat latch, and bottom part of the nose band with a utility knife or scissors IMG_1515 IMG_1516



  • Once that is done, take a soft cotton or nylon lead rope, either with a clip on one end or a knot. (as indicated in photo) IMG_1518
  • Pass one end of the lead through the rings on the nose band. (This will become the bottom of your halter and your lead.)IMG_1519


That’s it! in 4 easy steps (and less than five minutes) you just made your own catch halter without spending 50 bucks! IMG_1520






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