The « Make It My Year » Plan

DSCF0962I have had the same ambition, and goals for a very long time now, I have always known WHAT I want, and need, but I have not paid nearly enough time focusing on HOW I will get the goals to become reality.

This year (just happens to be the year of the Horse) is going to be MY year.

This is the year that I get my rear in gear (heh, rhymes too!) and get to my goals, it won’t happen all this year of course, but this is going to be the first step up and forward I have taken in a while, no more excuses, no more laziness. Hard work, and ambition. Period.

I have broken my year down into monthly schedules, two sets of two. Health and Nutrition, and Fitness and Training, one set for myself and one for my horses. This way the plan can evolve as my progress does.

I have cut out processed foods in my own diet, and have started an exercise program. For my horses I have cracked down on their nutrition and also the consistency at which they receive supplements (no more « skipping one day won’t hurt »).

They have been put on an exercise program that will progressively bring them out of hibernation mode from winter, and back up to being « Tuned » and ready for competition. In addition they are on a much stricter grooming regime to ensure they are healthy inside and out! I have also purchased a FitBit which is a device worn on your wrist that tracks daily activity, exercise, and sleep quality, to help make sure I stay on track as well.

And of course I would’t have got on the crazy band wagon without my fitness and nutrition coach Leah Hinnefeld and the amazing people in Team Dark Horse!

Now. The How is set, the plan is in motion. Let’s do this thing!

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