The Best – and last – Motivational Post

IMG_3652.JPGWordy title, I know but it says it all.

I have written a bazillion – Yes I said bazillion (of course it’s a real number, duh!) – blog posts on getting lost motivation back, this could be taken as I am good at getting motivated when I have lost my drive. But now I look at it in a totally different light.

Why have I needed to get my motivation back so many times, and why does it take so long? In this less positive light one could get really discouraged, but I am choosing to see the silver lining, and I was helped to see it by this very simple quote from Autumn Calabrese « Start where you stand…the motivation comes later. »

This is the only tip, trick, advice or mantra I plan on ever needing. Not that from here on in it’s all unicorns farting rainbows or anything, just that whenever I feel motivation waning I am not going searching for ways to get it back. I am simply going to plug on until it comes back on it’s own.

In the past I would have basically wasted my time ‘looking’ for ways to motivate myself to train my horses, or workout, or eat right etc. When all I had to do is continue doing what I was doing, whether I felt like it or not, and the motivation to continue would come back. Seems pretty obvious, but I have only come to this realization now.

So this is officially my last post on motivation. Rainbow farts or not, I think I finally get it.

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