Unrealistic Time Frames

We are warned about being unrealistic in choosing a time frame for a goal, but rarely do we talk about the other end of the spectrum. We can be equally unrealistic in the sense that we imagine certain tasks take longer then they really do.

Now of course we don’t do this with things we like, this is why while watching Netflix you suddenly realize you have been sitting there for 4 hours and are halfway done the last season of your favourite show.

« Nooooo! »

We do how ever blow the time it takes to do chores out of proportion, and by doing this make Mt. Everest out of an ant hill (Yes, I am sure that is how that saying goes!)

Today I decided to test it out, I took a few tasks I had been procrastinating; Cleaning the bath room, dishes, garbage and recycling and doing the cat’s two litter boxes.

I did not think these tasks would take huge amount of time, so I chose times that I thought where reasonable without thinking about it too much. So I guessed…

  • Bathroom = 20 mins
  • Cat litter + garbage & recycling = 15 mins
  • Dishes = 10 mins

For a total 45 mins.

I proceeded to put my headphones on with some relaxing music, and took my time doing these tasks.

In less then 30 minutes I was done everything.

So where did the extra time in my estimation come from? My mind going « yuk, this is going to take for.ev.er! » Because these are some of the tasks I dislike the most, my mind took that and started to try and get me out of doing it, by convincing me it would take a long time, and thus would be an inconvenience and not worth the trouble.

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