Treat yourself… like a kid!

Want a great way to motivate yourself to get the nasty stuff on your to-do list done? You know the items I am talking about, those yucky things you just don’t want to do, but you know need to be done. It could be anything, garbage, doing the dishes, meal prep, working out, anything at all.

So how do responsible adults get these items done? Why by treating ourselves like children of course!

Don’t want to clean your room? Well you can’t play any PlayStation until you do.

It’s as simple as that, just deny yourself something you want, until you do the thing you don’t want to do.

For instance mine for tonight was I needed to prep somethings for my day tomorrow, and I wanted a glass of wine. Well the vino would have to wait until I did the prep work. Needless to say the prep work got done pretty quick, and as an added bonus I let myself write a blog post as well! 😜

Now what about those tasks that need to be done earlier in the day? If we are aiming for the whole responsible adult thing then the wine won’t work if it’s 8am.

It depends on the person, I often use my chocolate protein shake as a bribe to get my workout done on days when I am not feeling it. I have the shake for breakfast, which is around 7am, so I tell myself I have to get my workout in before then if I want my shake.

I don’t however deprive myself of breakfast all together if I don’t workout (because you have to follow through, if you don’t listen to yourself, lol) but I will make myself settle for something just as nutrition, but less yummy as a consequence.

I was surprised at how well this little trick worked!

How do you treat yourself for a job well done?

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