No More Resolutions!

Day 2 of the new year and I am ridiculously excited about what 2016 is going to be like!

Since changing my habits, and abandoning the traditional « New years resolution » I have accomplished so much in the past year I can hardly believe it!

I have been making the traditional resolutions for years, and I never stuck to one past the month of March. Last year I learned how to make real goals, and achieve them using Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push program.

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The Push changed the way I looked at goals, and allowed me to get a huge list of goals done in less than 12 months, this encouraged me so much that I have an even more daunting list for 2016.

The biggest change I made was making my goals measurable, and putting a due date on them. This tiny difference, made everything fall into place.

I stopped saying « I am going to try and do… » and I started saying « I am doing this, by this day. »

Every goal on my list, both big and small are now definitive, measurable and have a deadline.

The coolest part is I no longer fear the failure of not accomplishing something on my list, and I am super excited to tackle each item!

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