How To Take a Break

…with out loosing momentum.

So you have a great fitness and nutrition schedule setup, but need a break from the intensity?

Here are a few tips from how I took a break over the holidays, without falling completely off track…

…I do the same thing if I am feeling under-the-weather.


  1. Bring it down a notch: (But only one!) Like with anything if you are hot and cold about it, it is going to be hard to get back on track later. So just bring it down one notch from where ever you where before. If you have read any of my other posts on meal prep, you know I prep and portion everything except my suppers. So all I did to relax a little is peeped large batches of some staples, and portioned them as I went.
  2. Set your self a deadline: Mark the calendar, and stick to a time frame. Too often I have considered the entire month of December, and half of January « The Holidays » but that is not the case. I gave myself 2 weeks, and today I still have the batches of stuff prepped, and will do my regular meal prep again starting next Sunday.
  3. Avoid snow balling: It is VERY easy to say « It’s the Holidays » to every slice of pie, and glass of wine you see, watch yourself and ask yourself if you really need it. You can have an extra glass of wine or slice of pie, but thirds and fourths is pushing it, and you won’t feel better after anyways.
  4. Don’t skip the workouts: Again, don’t stop altogether, just take a break from the really intense stuff. Do yoga, go for a hike whatever it is just make sure you stay moving.

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