DIY Silver Horse Ornaments

Most years that I have been teaching I have made my students little candy sleighs which are always a huge hit.

This year since I have been on a lifestyle and health overhaul (more on that later!) I thought I should do something healthier. However I did not think my younger students would appreciate an apple. 😉

While thinking about what to make I remembered an ornament my Grandmother had given me years ago, which had since broken. A sparkling, semi transparent little unicorn. I loved it so much and it brought a little magic into my life while I had it.

So I finally landed on the idea of horse ornaments, and I decided to make them silver so that they would shine and hopefully bring a little magic into my student’s lives as well. (Corny I know!)

So I purchased miniature horse figurines at a craft store, alone with silver spray paint, little eyelet screws (like for the backs of picture frames) and little bows to tie around their necks.

Using an awl I poked small holes in the figurine’s backs, screwed in the eyelets and then painted them, let them dry and added the bows. Finito!

Simple, inexpensive, cute ornaments for all ages! And they are not overtly Christmas-y so they could technically be used for regular decor as well!

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