Saying Good-bye to a Restricted Mentality

I as I sat down to my lunch today, I looked down at my decadent plate of homemade food and realized something. The contents of my plate, although they where extremely healthy and nutrient dense, they where also worlds away from what I used to « be allowed » to eat… (ex. Plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli)


I don’t count calories anymore, and haven’t for awhile. I eat what I am hungry for, when I am hungry and stop when I am full. But just for kicks I tallied these foods to see what their total was.

This meal came in at almost 1,000 calories, meaning that « back in the day » I would have had to eat a 200 calorie supper so as not to exceed my « quota » for the day. Now, the supper I ate that night along with a healthy dessert totalled close to another 1,000 calories. And I am quite happy with that! And not I have not gained any weight since changing to this way of eating. In fact I am pretty sure I have lost weight!

I have switched my workouts to lighter conditioning work to keep stress hormones down, and light strength training to build muscle.

Along with eating twice the « recommended » calorie intake for the past 3 weeks. I have lost 2 pounds.

There are a lot of factors involved, I have been using pre and probiotic foods to help heal my gut, finding my vitamin and mineral deficiencies and supplementing for them instead of taking a multivitamin. I have been experimenting with different foods to really see what works for me as well.

I think up until now I have been putting my body under so much stress to try and make it bend to my will that it would not let go of fat because it was so worried about the situation I was in. It didn’t know I was purposely restricting and working out intensely. All my body knew was it was under stress and stress means danger.

Now that I have changed my perspective and started nourishing my body and giving it adequate rest it’s finally relaxing and becoming healthier. All while I « indulge » in awesome healthful foods that make me feel great! 😁

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